55 )  I am neither a prophet nor a son of a prophet


Amos said: I am neither a prophet nor a son of a prophet; but I am a shepherd (7-14). For my part, I am a professional mechanical engineer, although having received very precise prophetic words sometimes; and I make an enormous difference between a prophecy and the interpretation of a prophecy or the interpretation of a prophetic sign.

For fear of being called false prophets many do not seek to understand or share how they understand the prophecies of The Word of God (1/3 of the Bible is made up of prophecies) ; even more sometimes, some ignore the texts. But to cut down some words because they are difficult to understand is on the contrary detrimental - prejudicial to salvation according to Revelation 22-19. Not to read them is to be like an ostrich, it is to cut them off.

I am attached in my book to emphasize that an astronomical fact in the sky corresponds perfectly to the Great Sign of Revelation 12. A Sign in the sky was completed before our eyes between September 23 and 26, 2017 (1 only times in 7000 years of history), and I make no predictions about it, I only say what God says it means (page 15 - right part of the page), this Great Sign of Revelation 12 is forerunner to the rapture of the Son. I do like the prophets, who prophesied concerning the grace that was reserved for us, and who made this salvation the object of their research and their investigations, 11 wanting to probe the time and the circumstances marked by the Spirit of God. Christ who was in them, and who testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ and the glory of which they would be followed.

Do you say that Jesus' words on his return and that the prophecies of The Word on the times of the end are too difficult or impossible to understand ? To sound the scriptures is never vain. It's the Word that freed me. God resists the proud but He gives grace to the humble. The natural man does not understand the things of God, but the Spirit searches all things ... even the depths of God. And He knows how to inspire and enlighten his children who ask him humbly.

Luke 10 - 21 At this very moment Jesus shuddered with joy by the Holy Spirit, and said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you hid these things from the wise and the wise, and from what You revealed them to the children. Yes, Father, I praise You that You wanted it so. "

Daniel 12 - 4 And you, Daniel, hide the words and seal the book until the time of the end. Many will run here and there ; and knowledge (about the book) will increase. And again, in verse 9 Go, Daniel, for these words will be kept secret and sealed until the time of the end.

So, I often asked for light on the texts to My Lord, and oh wonder, He greatly enlightened me, and I was able to write this booklet He had made it my heart to share with the greatest number (Christians, Muslims, Incredulous) mainly for the preparation of each one for this great event of the Rapture or the salvation of the soul offered by God in Jesus Christ (See Chapter 20). I have been able to write since November 2016 on this subject until these days, it became this book. As you go through the chapters you can sometimes understand when they were written. I focused my investigations in front of the Lord, according to his request, on this event of the Rapture and not the totality of the Apocalypse, but many passages were illuminated.

I have written in French and English and regularly the latest updated versions are available on the internet with the


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I have no merit, because My Lord gave me time to do it, the understanding of the texts and even made me discover many. Sometimes the lights and ideas come to me without having the time to update and I know that some are impatient. Some, unfortunately, mocking at heart, denigrate these investigations, not understanding their meaning or usefulness. I also know that a bad understanding of some texts blocks many people. May God give them grace and to their leaders and give them all, a way of humility to prepare themselves for the Great Day of the Lord and be truly ready. A mature reader of the Word, a disciple will learn to question His Lord.

Having hope in this wonderful event, I strive on my part to be at peace with all men and to seek sanctification without which no one will see the Lord. When God lives with us by his Holy Spirit, He fills us with a perfect love for all our fellow beings. What is the spirit that leads you ? I hope your indulgence for the overflowing enthusiasm that has characterized me sometimes in this writing and the speed to present certain dates. But is not this the normal attitude of a Fiancée, a Sulamith who loves and waits for her Beloved, dreams and thinks she sees him?


Song of Songs 5-8 I pray you, daughters of Jerusalem, if you find my beloved, What will you say to him? ... That I am sick of love… 10 My beloved is: white and vermeil; It is distinguished between ten thousand. 11 His head is pure gold; … his whole soul is full of charm. This is my beloved, so is my friend, Daughters of Jerusalem! Sulamith was able to overcome her sufferings and the repeated seductions of Solomon because she longed to see her Beloved Shepherd to whom she had been raptured by the Royal Guards due to her beauty. SoS 3-7 & 11


An important note to understand this book :


 Sulamith believed to see 13 times her Beloved

(Song of Songs 2-8&9&17, 3-1&2&3&4, 5-2&4&6&8, 6-2, 7-13)

And then 3 times with patience cried out

"that you not stir up, nor awaken my love, until He pleases"

(Song of Songs 2-7,3-5, 8-4);

These 13 + 3 = 16 Nocturnal Alarms were the Expression of Sulamith Perfect Love for His Beloved (cf 53a, 55).


Throughout the book (written between 2016 & 2018),

plausible dates are given, they have been written to warn of the imminence of the event,

As Sulamith woke up suddenly when she thought she heard His Beloved Shepherd.



The Enigma in Song of songs of Solomon :                                                                                        (See Appendix 15)

From my point of view (borrowed from the beloved pastor Frédéric GODET) in the Song of songs - SoS,

to summarize the characters, there are:

- Sulamith (model of Israel) captured by a king, put in his harem.

- The king Solomon who writes the SoS to repent of his fall caused by his women - so he is to be considered as saved by grace.

- The Beloved Shepherd, Sulamith is in love with a young shepherd (model of Christ)

        The drama: Sulamith was seduced by the pomp of the king passing in his country and certainly taken (because of its great beauty) for the harem of the king at that time (3-7 to 11 and end 1-6), but always she will resist the assaults of this seductive king. Astonishment at the end, she said to Her Beloved Shepherd who seems to appear: "flee" - SoS 8-14 ... And

- The Little Sister-guardian (model of The Church) will be The Bride if she is faithful and a wall - SoS 8-8 / 9.

So, I believe that the wonderful passage of the Song of songs 2-10/13 on the rapture (rise and come) must be understood to the attention of Israel and new Christians at the end of the Great Tribulation as should be Matthew 24-31, 40 and 41 speaking of their preparation for the 2nd Rapture (Transport by Angels), before the final judgment of the Day of God intervenes at the end of the Great Tribulation. (See Chap 52c)


Song of Songs 2-10 My beloved spoke, and said to me, "Rise up, my love, my beautiful one, and come away. 11 For, behold, the winter is past. The rain is over and gone. 12 The flowers appear on the earth. The time of the singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land. 13 The fig tree ripens her green figs. The vines are in blossom. They give forth their fragrance. Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away." Does not this text describe Spring?...


My destiny:

A woman from Samaria said to Jesus, "I know that the Messiah will tell us all things when he comes. "

Faced with such a confession of faith, Jesus could only say to her: "I am, I who speaks to you."

He has for the first time told a woman who He was.

This woman then communicated her faith to these compatriots who also said:

"We know that He is truly the Savior of the world. (John 4-25 to 42)

It was the destiny of this Samaritan woman. And Jesus could only fulfill her destiny.


For my part, I once received the conviction that I had to write to my Muslim colleagues to explain to them what would happen soon: the Rapture of the Saints.

I thought He would tell us - would specify the date of the Rapture of the Saints. I started writing and my Lord amazed me ...

One of my fathers in the faith told me one day, "In the end, the Lord will use you... "


May God bless you richly during and after reading and grant you His peace!

I love you with the love of the Lord, and I am at your service to answer all your questions, if I can.

Dominique Chmielewski     jamosion@gmail.com


P.S. Your inspired remarks by The Holy Spirit are welcome.




 Isaiah 21-11/12 Watchman, what of the night ? 

Watchman, what of the night ? 

12 The watchman said,

"1 The morning comes, and

2 also the night.

If you will inquire, inquire.

Come back again (to Your Lord)."