65 )  The time is short (until the number of their brothers is complete).


Considering the urgency of the situation, I experienced the grace of God that inspires in our hearts the prayers He wants to answer.

There is no time to mourn, but to believe in the One who is faithful and who can perfectly save those who come to God through Jesus. Hebrews 7-25


Desiring to share this good news of the rapture announced by The Great Sign, The Lord sent me to Nigeria (see Chapter 20). I did not know at all that there were so many Christians in Nigeria, zealous in their faith and full of love for their Lord. The Lord opened to me the door of several churches where I could share what He had entrusted to me to wake up and prepare His People for His Return. The enthusiasm was great for many. But some doors have remained closed because I quickly understood that according to the legitimacy of submission to the authorities, some would allow me to share my message only if their officials authorized them. Which was perfectly normal.

So one Sunday morning when I woke up, I prayed, "You know, Lord, that I have no money to go to Lagos, the big city where the leaders of these great churches are; but I know you can provide to it. Open this door if that's your will. " And then the same Monday morning, I do the same prayer. Arriving at work at the factory, I attend Monday morning meeting officials and just after my director takes me by the arm and said in a few words: we urgently need you Dominique in Lagos, as soon as this week. And here I am, arriving at Lagos airport on Thursday of the same week, and more particularly in a church that I wanted to visit, one hour later after my arrival. 3 weeks later, August 6, 2017 at 4 pm, I find myself in front of the man (Enoch A.) to whom God has entrusted the responsibility of churches in 196 countries. During 15 to 20 minutes I share in particular the 4 texts of the Scriptures speaking of a date for the Rapture. Then I make a video recording of 1h30 with his team. One week later I am fired from the company that employs me and returns to France on August 15th : I went to the annual meeting, the national convention of the RCCG (Redeemed Christian Church of God), place at risk according to my employer at this time, because gathering a large number of people ... 2 to 4 million. Hard to say, this shelter (according to Isaiah 4-6) of 1000 x 500 m contains more than one million people and the new shelter of 3000 x 3000 m in the end - still under construction - gathered, at the same time in the last days of the convention, a crowd of ... more than one million people?