66 )  The 4 Signatures of the Divine Plan, from the 4 Beloved ones totally in agreement.


The Heavenly Father manages times and circumstances:

The Heavenly Father loves the revolted world against Him so much that He gives His own only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3-16

The Heavenly Father positions the 2 Divine Signs marking the times for the 2 comings of his Son.

The Heavenly Father hides nothing, he positions to the "sight" of all and announces by the prophets the double star, then The Great Sign, the 27 stars that will gather together to form the Divine Beautiful Painting (Chapter 24).


The Holy Spirit covers, engenders and communicates the Divine life:

The Holy Spirit places the child Jesus in the womb of Mary and gives birth to the divine life to each individual believer.

The Holy Spirit will grow the Germ for 256 days in Mary's womb then in stature and grace before God and men during the time of his man-made suffering for 12,120 days, and guide Jesus through his earthly ministry.

The Holy Spirit will add to the Church those who are saved for 12120 (6 x 2020) days x 60 = 727200 days, the time of grace and suffering of the Beloved. (Chapters 51 d & 53 c)

The Holy Spirit will prepare and wear the Beloved of Qualities and presents / gifts of His Beloved.


The Son of God fulfills and reveals to His Beloved His whole Divine Plan:

The Son of God accomplishes salvation through his incarnation and submission to the Divine Plan by descending into the pit of sin to extract the horrible sinner lost, then accompanies and teaches His Beloved.

The Son of God said: I will build my church (Matthew 17-18) and When I have prepared you a place, in my Father's house I will return (John 14-1 / 3). Christ knows perfectly the time of the Church. He who builds all things is God - Hebrews 3-4. In Sage Architect and Builder, Jesus knows his schedule, and the times attached. (Chapter 47-g)

The Son of God communicates to Apostle John the Revelation that God has given him to show his servants the things that are to happen soon, and that he has made known, by the sending of his angel, to his servant John (Revelation 1-1). Jesus communicates by the vision of the Great Sign in Heaven, the signal of departure to his servants to recall the invitation to the guests (The kingdom of heaven is like a king who made a wedding for his son.) 3 He sent his servants call those invited to the wedding, Matthew 22-2). The King of the parable, the servants, the people know the date, so how much more The Son and His Beloved as well.

The date of His Union with His Beloved is then known and stopped, The Beloved gladly accepts it and rejoices, It occupies its remaining time to prepare for His Union with Her Beloved.

The Son of Man has proclaimed to have to remain 3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the earth, once the salvation accomplished on the cross, the sign of the salvation of God; likewise, The Beloved will spend 3 x 60 days in peaceful and confident expectation of Her Beloved, once the proclamation of His second coming accomplished by the fulfillment of the Great Sign of God. 60 is the number that the Beloved received by His Beloved. This figure is inscribed in the Celestial Jerusalem symbolizing The Bride, The Wife of The Lamb (see Chapter 48 d) and he is also inscribed in:

o The time God gave to elevate the sinful man to the status of beloved redeemed man.

      • 6 x 60 days = 360 days: One Time of God, 3 x 60 days = 180 days: half a God's Time
      • 12120 days x 60 = 727200 days: to create and made the Bride to the Perfect Picture of the Beloved Son of God, the times of the suffering of the Lamb and the suffering of His Bride. (Chapters 53c & 76-9)

o Time inscribed in the Great Sign, the glory of God illuminates with light the woman Zion symbolizing the People of God. This full Great Sign is unlighted in the sunlight for 60 hours (see chapters 31, 38 and 48 d).


The Beloved loves and obeys His Beloved:

The Beloved exits from the horrible pit of sin has been redeemed at a great price, with precious blood, as of a faultless and pure lamb, the blood of Christ. (Chapters 18 & 19)

The Beloved sighs after Her Beloved, desires Him and calls Him: Come, Lord Jesus!

The Beloved receives and accepts the date of the Union given by Her Beloved and prepares for their Union. (Chap. 53)

She is kept pure, blameless and without reproach, being in this task aided by the God of peace who sanctifies Her Himself wholly in all her being, mind, soul and body for all the time that God has given her.

The day of the wedding is the subject of great rejoicing in perspective and delighted the heart of the Beloved. She knows the love, fidelity and punctuality of Her Beloved. She sings: His coming is as certain as that of the dawn, He will come for us like the rain, like the rain of spring that waters the earth. Hosea 6-3


Éphésiens 3-17 That Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; to the end that you, being rooted and grounded in love, 18 may be strengthened to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth (any man) and length (of all times) and depth (whatever his sin) and height (to the Heavens), 19 and to know Christ's love which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.