76) The mystery of the Incarnation of the Son of God and ... His Return.


  1. Gematria

Revelation 12-5 And she brought forth a son male, who is about to shepherd all the nations with a rod of iron.  from Interlineaire grec/english Bible


A Son :              υἱόν           400+10+70+50 = 530

Male :              ἄρσεν         1+100+200+5+50 = 356

Who :               ὃς               70+6 =  76

Is about :          μέλλει         40+5+30+30+5+10 = 120  

To shepherd :   ποιμαίνειν   80+70+10+40+1+10+50+5+10+50 = 326

All :                   πάντα         80+1+50+300+1 = 432

The :                 τὰ                300+1 = 301

Nations :           ἔθνη            5+9+50+8 =  71

With :                ἐν                5+50 =  55

A rod :               ῥάβδῳ         100+1+2+4+800 = 907

Of iron :            σιδηρᾷ        200+10+4+8+100+1=323

                                                          Total  =        3497

The Lord's name, JESUS, in Koine Greek totals : 888, see http://reason.landmarkbiblebaptist.net/888.html

Jesus The Head: 888 =>                          53 bones (Head with the Spine)

BODY of CHRIST, 3497-888 = 2609 =>   (155.71) => 153 bones

It seems correct with what is written below but with a small error (2.71 => 1.77/100)

53/153=0.3464      888/2609=0.3404 to have the same value we must have : 2563.51 => difference = 45

(Perhaps an error in my accounting of Gematria of the Greek text; or, the word "with" = με : "me" in Greek, of value 45 was added. The one who is with Jesus = His Body)


See Appendix 15-4)  What are figures 153 and 17 for the Jewish People and all the Nations?


a) 153 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17 - 153 = 3 x 3 x 17


I 53 or Isaiah 53 perfectly resume the Messiah 's Work & Spirit.


Frédéric GODET in his commentary on the Gospel of John in Page 1483 quotes:

  • MG Linder (in an article in the Revue from Theol & Philos., 1898, pp. 168-179, where he finds in the Gospel three parts, related to the three ideas of prophet, king and priest) discovers in this number 153, the Hebrew word happésachthe Passover Lamb (ה, 5, ף, 80, ס, 60, ח, 8, total 153). Jesus is the true Passover Lamb, which the disciples must eat spiritually;

The fish would therefore designate Jesus, the Passover Lamb.

  • In a later work (ibid, 1899, pp. 190-194), Mr. Linder, without abandoning the previous meaning, discovers a new one: Cohen Jehuda haggadol, "the High Priest of Judah" concept that plays a special role in ch. 20 and 21, and which also gives as numerical value 153.

The fish would therefore designate Jesus, the High Priest of Judah.

  • And likewise, the addition of nabi, prophet, and melech, king: 63 + 90 = 153;

The fish would therefore designate Jesus : the Passover Lamb, the Prophet-King, High Priest of Judah, who feeds the whole world and gives Eternal Life.


The "53 bones of the head" and the "153 bones of the human body":

The skeleton of an adult comprises 206 distinct bones classified into two systems: the axial skeleton, on the one hand, which can be considered as the true framework of the human body, and the appendicular skeleton, on the other, which groups together the arms and legs. There are 26 bones in the spine, 8 in the skull, 14 on the face, 7 other cranial bones, 25 on the sternum and rib floor, 64 in the upper limbs and 62 in the lower limbs.

Head: There are 8 bones in the skull, 14 on the face, 7 other cranial bones; 29 bones in total.

Body (excluding head): There are 26 bones in the spine, 25 in the sternum and ribs, 64 in the upper limbs and 62 in the lower limbs; that is 51 + 126 = 177 bones in total.

Spine: 24 + 2 bones. The Spine of the man comprises 33 (or 34 according to the individuals) vertebrae: From the head to the coccyx, we find the 7 cervical, the 12 thoracic, the 5 lumbar, (24 separated vertebrae) plus the 5 sacred vertebrae welded which form the sacrum (the sacral region) attached to the pelvis and 4 or 5 welded coccygeal vertebrae that form the coccyx.

If we add the Spine and the Head we have 29 + 24 = 53 bones enclosing the main nerve impulses,

and the body receiving the nerve impulses therefore has 177 - 24 = 153 remaining bones. In total: 53 + 153 = 206 bones

The spine protects the spinal cord that travels in the spinal canal, from its continuity with the brain structures to the level of the first lumbar vertebra where it stops and ends with a set of nerves to the legs and perineum .

The spinal cord encased in the spine is recognized as a complex extension of the brain and cannot be separated from it.


  1. Waiting Time and Circumcision/Rapture

JESUS (Savior) has been circumcised after 8 full days (after a waiting time before naming) See Chap 72-13-b  and following.

FULL CHRIST (Jesus + His Body) maybe raptured to Heaven after 6 full days (after a waiting time before naming - 6 is the number of man, and the Body of Christ is only made of regenerated men/women)

6 full days postponed the naming from September 24/25 to September 30 / October 1st. (See Chap 74-b)

Name : A son male, who is about to shepherd all the nations with a rod of iron.


  1. The Feast of Trumpet in 2019 is September 29 - 6pm to October 1st – 6pm

See : https://messianicsabbath.com/2013-feast-dates/

Thanks to my dear open-eyed brother in Christ : Steve Coerper (http://www.rogershermansociety.org/jethani.htm), I read Robert Clifton Robinson website following articles.

See : https://robertcliftonrobinson.com/2018/08/10/the-feast-of-trumpets-and-the-rapture-september-9-11-2018/

A good study of Pastor Robert Clifton Robinson about : “What Is The Relationship Between The Feast Of Trumpets, Or Rosh Hashanah, And The Rapture Of The Church?”


  1. Prediction from Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri about Messiah’s coming at the end of September 2019.

Also related by Pastor Robert Clifton Robinson at : https://robertcliftonrobinson.com/2019/09/24/israeli-rabbi-predicted-in-the-90s-the-arrival-of-messiah-on-rosh-hashanah-september-2019/

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri (See Appendix15-1 End), predicted in a manuscript from the 90’s that during the Israeli election of 2019, there would be an impasse in the election, causing Israel to be without a government for an extended time.

“On the eve of the year 5780 (the upcoming Hebrew year), the year of corrections, there will not be a government in Israel for an extended period and the various camps will be quarrel much without a decision on either side, and then, on Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year) itself, they will fight in heaven, the holy side against the side of evil, and G-d and His entourage will decide between them. And this is all I can say, and from here I swore not to reveal more secrets and hidden things.”

Kaduri also predicted:

“There will come on the day that two ministers win the government in the land of Israel. Both their names will be Benjamin and neither of them will succeed in establishing their government or kingship.”

Perhaps more stunning, Rabbi Kaduri quoted from the ancient book, “The Covenant of the Persimmon,” by kabbalist Rabbi Sasson Hai Shoshani. Known as “The prophet of Egypt.”

Shoshani said that Messiah would arrive during Rosh Hashanah, September 29-October 1, 2019.

“On that day, know and understand that the King Messiah already stands at the doorway and on the Sabbath afterwards he will come and be revealed, understand this and remember it.'”

He writes concerning the end of days:

“They will consist of a war with the rabble about the issue of the Sabbath and how the rabble will be the majority…in the round of elections”



  1. The Yom Kippur, Great Atonement, is from 8 to 9 October in 2019

Leviticus 16-29/34 It is here for you a perpetual law: in the seventh month, on the tenth day of the month, you will humble your souls, you will do no work, neither the native nor the stranger who stays in the middle from you. 30 For on this day shall atonement be made for you, to cleanse you: you shall be cleansed from all your sins before Jehovah. 31 It will be for you a Sabbath, a day of rest, and you will humble your souls. It is a perpetual law [...]. 34 For the children of Israel will they make atonement every year for their sins.

Leviticus 25-9 On the tenth day of the seventh month you will sound the shining sounds of the shofar; the day of atonement, you will blow the trumpet throughout your land.


  1. The clues – indications left by Jesus to His Children.

Jesus told us in his two parables: The Bridegroom came in the night after the 12th hour (Matthew 25-6 In the middle of the night, we shouted: Here is the Bridegroom, go to meet him), but the workers were paid just after the end of the 12th working hour (Matthew 20-8 When evening came, the master of the vineyard said to his steward: Call the workers, and pay them the wages).

Joseph came out of slavery and revealed himself to Egypt in his 13th year after being denied by his brothers (Annex 15 1-3).

So Jesus will certainly come back after the 12th hour and well before the end of the 13th hour.


We have determined the 12th Hour after the Great Sign, from September 13 to 16, 2019 (Chapter 74 a & b),

The end of the 13th hour will therefore be between:

    1. September 23, 2017 (Great Sign completed)   + 13 x 60 days (780 days) = November 12, 2019
    2. September 26, 2017 (Great symmetrical Sign) + 13 x 60 days (780 days) = November 15, 2019


=> The Rapture of the Saints should therefore take place

well before 12/15 November 2019,

At the sound of the last trumpet of God.



     7.   Alarming news in Israel and the Middle East not to be neglected.      (written on 2019-10-07)

Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran's threats to attack Israel are very regular and war seems more and more imminent, on the part of a belligerent and anti-Semitic government, pressed on the one hand by an economic blockade from the US (because of Iran's nuclear arms race) and on the other hand by a population that is increasingly feeling the economic pressure and domination of a growing religious regime more and more oppressive.

Following the Rapture of the Saints: See Annex 10-b

  • This sudden imbalance of forces in the Middle East (No more support for Israel by the US), will precipitate the war of the Arab Shiite nations against Israel (Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 & 39). This immense disarray will be the opportune moment chosen by the enemies of Israel to carry out their diabolical plan of destruction of the Jewish state.
  • The outcome of the conflict written in advance:
    • 1) Will be salvation if repentance and if there is conversion : Psalm 83-17 that they seek your name, O LORD - The disappearance of children in large numbers in Arab countries will push many to seek the face of the Holy God who prophesied this event only in the Bible,
    • but will be fatal for the countries of the Arab Shiite coalition (destruction of the armies of Iran, Syria, Ethiopia, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Jordan ... in coalition behind ... Russia: Ezekiel 38 & 39).

•  This great victory for Israel will push the Jewish state to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, which will be established in a record time.

  • The temple will only be built after an alliance signed between Israel and ... the Antichrist, the impious man, who will have appeared on the world stage very quickly to stabilize the world economy in great suffering. The Antichrist will make a strong alliance with several countries for a week of years (7 years)
  • 2 Thessalonians 2-9 The appearance of this ungodly man will be by the power of Satan, with all kinds of miracles, false signs and wonders, 10 and with all the seductions of iniquity for those who perish because they did not receive the love of the truth to be saved. 11 So God sends them astray power, that they may believe in falsehood, 12 that all who have not believed the truth, but have taken pleasure in injustice, be condemned.
  • Daniel 9-27 This Chief will make a strong covenant with many for a week, and during the middle of the week he will stop the sacrifice and the offering; the devastator will commit the most abominable things, until ruin and what has been solved are based on the devastator.


=> The Rapture of the Saints will precipitate events ...



    8.   Return of the Lord for the Rapture in the 14th hour of God  (written on 2019-11-16)

If Nehemiah has resolved to begin his reconnaissance visit the night before revealing his mission,


8a) If his night inspection and the exposure of his plan and the proclamation of success after the mockery of the enemies of the Jews, lasted: 3 nights + 3 days (like Jesus) before the beginning of the reconstruction.

Indeed the body of Jesus descended from the cross and put in the tomb on the evening of March 15, 29 around 18h. Jesus then “announced” (literally : proclaimed) by the Spirit the Gospel to the dead in this time, apart from time for the Spirit, but for 3 nights + 3 days in the temporal for his body that was to be subjected to death for a time that leave no idea for ambiguity as to his actual condition of deceased.

1 Peter 3-18 Christ also suffered once for sins, he just for the unjust, to bring us to God, having been put to death as to the flesh, but having been made alive concerning the Spirit, 19 in which also he went to preach to spirits in prison ... 1 Peter 4-6 For the gospel was also preached (literally : proclaimed) to the dead, that, after having been judged as men in the flesh, they live according to God, 'Mind.

Nehemiah 2-11 And when I came to Jerusalem, there I spent three days. 12 After that I rose up with some men during the night, without telling anyone what my God had put in my heart to do for Jerusalem. There was no other beast of burden with me than my own horse. 13 And I went out by night through the gate of the valley, and went against the spring of the dragon, and unto the gate of the dunghill, and saw the ruined walls of Jerusalem, and reflected upon the gates thereof, which I burnt with fire. : You see the unhappy state where we are! Jerusalem is destroyed, and its gates are consumed by fire! Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, and we will no longer be in disgrace. 18 And I told them how the good hand of my God had been upon me, and what words the king had spoken to me. They said, Let us go up, and build! And they strengthened themselves in this good resolution. 19 And Sanballat the Horonite, and Tobiah the servant Ammonite, and Geshem the Arab, having been informed, mocked us, and despised us. They said, What are you doing here? Do you rebel against the king? 20 And I said unto them, The God of heaven shall give us success. We his servants will rise and build; but you, you have neither part nor right nor remembrance in Jerusalem.


(see explanation in chapter 70)

If 233 workers built the wall for 233 x 52 = 12116 days and 12116 x 60 = 726960 days

If we add the extra time of 3 nights + 3 days for the Resolution / Exposure / Proclamation of Nehemiah,

Then the commitment for the construction of the walls of Jerusalem seems to have been in total of approximately: 12116 + 3 days = 12119 days and x 60 = 727140 days


Between 15/03/29 and 15/01/2020 [From Crucifixion (birth of the Church) to the possible end of the Church],

There are: 727140 days


8b) But if his night inspection and exposure of his plan (1 night + 1 day) then the mockery of the enemies of the Jews (1 night + 1 day + 1 night), and finally the proclamation of success (0.65 day) Lasted in total: 3 nights + 2.65 days.

This to be in keeping with God's calendar based on the life of Enoch and with 100 days of additional waiting (symbol of God’s patience and the fullness of the elects) (see Appendix 7-h)

Between 15/03/29 and 22-25/12/2019 [From crucifixion (birth of the Church) to the possible end of the Church], There are: 727116 to 727119 days


So the commitment for the construction of the walls of Jerusalem seems to have been

approximately in total : 12116 + 2.6 days = 12118.6 days and x 60 = 727116 days => 22/12/2019

Or else the commitment for the construction of the walls of Jerusalem seems to have been

approximately in total : 12116 + 2.65 days = 12118.65 days and x 60 = 727119 days => 25/12/2019


8c) A wonderful personal testimony - (written on 19/11/2019)

To be in agreement with God's calendar based on the life of Enoch

- It will be necessary to wait 100 years (after the deluge then 12 x 365.25 = 4383 years - see Appendix 7)

For the second world cataclysm : in 2026

- It will take 93 years (7 years before the second world cataclysm, 100-7 = 93)

For the Church Rapture : in 2019

Between 15/03/29 and 15-18/12/2019 [From crucifixion (birth of the Church) to the possible end of the Church], there is: 727109 to 727112 days


Here is why I believe more in this time marked by My Lord: 15-18 / 12/2019, with a preference for December 18, 2019


The facts: In the night of 19/11/2019 at 22h I walked as usual around the house we rent, to contemplate the stars and praying (in tongues, by sighs inexpressible, because the Holy Spirit helps us in our prayers, sometimes not knowing what to ask).

I leaned back to my 205 car and looked east when I realized that the Rapture could be fully happened 7 days before the end of the 100 days as for God's calendar based on Enoch's life. I then counted and realized that 7 days before was 15-18/12/2019. And if we take into account the symmetry of the Great Sign, the 18/12/2019 would be more to remember, and not the 15/12/2019.

I then realized that this date would correspond to the anniversary of my last fired dated 18/12/2018. It is as if My Lord had granted me a sabbatical year.

Indeed this is the third time at the end of my career, that an employer fired me as a result of my Christian testimony:

In Algeria in 2017, I went to the Church the Week End without police escort, which pushed my employer to dismiss me, while no direction was given to me regarding my travels Week End and despite the so-called freedom of movement of foreigners in Algeria. (See Annex 16 - 6)

In Nigeria in 2017, my employer forbids me to go in the Week End to a big Christian meeting after giving me permission. (See Chapter 65)

In France in 2018, a large company dismissed me because a colleague asked me after greeting me in the morning what was my secret to be always happy. I told him that I had a secret, but did not prolong the discussion. I then sent him the very succinct email below (My Secret) to invite him outside working hours to extend the discussion.

I thought that he, who was about to leave the company during the same week, might one day have needed to know the secret of a person who is one of the happiest people on earth, if he had to endure a prolonged period of unemployment and the discouragement that mIght result for him.

It is obviously very surprising to note that this employer describes the following lines as "a marked activity of proselytism within company", in response to a question from an employee and his early greeting: "You are always happy, you have a secret? These few lines triggered the dismissal. A response to the (legitimate) search for happiness has been described as reprehensible by this employer.

Subject of the email sent to T.C. from my personal email adress: My secret

     Hello T.,

Here is my secret for 40 years now.

My book: www.jamosion.net

Read the chapters in green to know me better.

At your disposal to talk about it before your departure (This afternoon?)



As I was thinking about the date of December 18, standing against my 205 car and contemplating the night sky, I was amazed by the grace bestowed by My Lord, and I moved to lean back then against the house to face on the west side. And suddenly, a magnificent, huge meteorite crossed the sky perfectly horizontally.

I had never seen anything like it, so long (maybe 20 to 70 km) and with two separate tails spaced. I try at best to represent it below and position at the same time the dimension of shooting star that I observe regularly. It made no noise. Like a signature line from right to left.

After calculation, the drag (tail of the meteorite) of the observed object for about 2 seconds, measured between 20 and 70 km (45 km) and traveled between 36000 and 126000 km/h (80000 km/h). Being horizontal, I think it only ricocheted on Earth's atmosphere before going back into space.