Appendix 9 - Disappearance of Children and Persons at the Rapture time (Continued Chapters 5-1 ; 26 & 63)


  1. Statistics / World Population:

Current world population:                                                               7,691,000,000 (or 8 094 500 000; 3/01/2024 ; See Chap 26)

Population aged 0 to 14 years (% of total) in 2019: 25%, that is:  1,922,750,000



Estimation Infant population in%

- 0-4 years    8.2% = 630660000

- 5-9 years    8.5% = 653735000 => Total from 0 to 9 years = 1,284,395,000

- 10-14 years 8.3% = 638353000

- Total 25%  = 1922750000

Girls being more inclined to obey than boys, we can imagine that 8.2% of children (0-4years) + (8.5 + 8.3%) x (45% Girls + 30% Boys) children, 8.2% + 12.6% = 20.8% = 1,599,728,000 children will participate in the rapture?



  1. A text is particularly revealing the state of mind of children when they will enter heaven:

Isaiah 29-22 Therefore thus says Yahweh, who redeemed Abraham, concerning the house of Jacob: "Jacob shall no longer be ashamed, neither shall his face grow pale. 23 But when he sees his children, the work of my hands, in the midst of him, they will sanctify my name. Yes, they will sanctify the Holy One of Jacob, and will stand in awe of the God of Israel. 24 They also who err in spirit will come to understanding, and those who grumble will receive instruction."

John 8-32 you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Matthew 3-9 I tell you that from these stones God can raise children to Abraham.

The children of Jacob are the sinner's children, cunning, slick, liar, who will become Israel after his breaking by God (Genesis 32), the one who fights with God, after his encounter with God. One can understand, see here, an extension of Isaiah's prophecy to the whole of sinful humanity and to his offspring at the time of the rapture which will be amazed by contemplating the One who is not ashamed to call them His children.


  1. Total number of missing people

If we add Babies removed from the mother's womb (to fulfill the Great Sign):

147 million births per year in 2017 + 50 million abortions / year = 200 million children conceived


If we add 35% of Christians ready for rapture: 2 173 180 000 x 35% = 760 613 000 missing adults (see Chap 26)


This will make about 2,560,341,000 missing persons (33.3%), removed from the earth, at the time of the Rapture, when Jesus returns first on the clouds, just before the 7 years of great tribulation (special test time for Israel to prepare them for their conversion to Messiah Jesus, the One they pierced and rejected according to Zechariah 12-10).

This will make a lot of noise in the media but especially in families deprived of children.


Surprisingly, after estimating this figure to one-third of the world's population, I realized that perhaps it was a parallel to the number given by God concerning his people of Israel. God often compares Israel with the Nations.

This Rapture of the third of the Nations will be the work of Grace of Jesus the Messiah.

Why not 1/3?

Zechariah 13-7 Sword, get up on my pastor and on the man who is my companion! Says the Lord of hosts. Strike the pastor, and the sheep scatter! And I will turn my hand to the weak. 8 In all the land (the whole world), says the LORD, the two thirds will be exterminated, will perish, and the other third will remain (escape). 9 And I will put the third part in the fire, and I will cleanse it as silver is cleansed, and I will test it as gold is tried. He will call on my name, and I will answer him; I will say: It is my people! And he will say, The LORD is my God!


Rapture time detailled in => Chapter 80-10



4. Estimate of the number of redeemed including the Church


a) The perfect 4, fully in agreement (see Chapters 59 and 66) will perhaps generate in less than 2000 years:

233 x 60 x 60 x 60 x 60 = 3,019,680,000 regenerated men from the Church?

During the Great Tribulation, A Great Crowd will come out saved (Revelation 7-9 & 14), it will be the greatest salvation in such a short time; indeed, in the face of the terrible persecutions and calamities of apocalyptics that will come, whoever invokes the name of the Lord will be saved - Romans 10-13.


b) The promised posterity of Abraham by YAHWEH will be numerous like the stars of the sky or the sand by the sea,

paradoxically both estimated at: 1023

According to

1023 = 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 = 100,000 billion of billion, including the innumerable children conceived and died at an early age or before birth, or ripped from life just after conception and yet very real in the heart of Our Wonderful Heavenly Father of LoveThey are already shining like stars in the sky and He has already counted and named them all.


c)  There are several flocks that form one, and there are several dwellings in the House of the Heavenly Father.

John 10-14 I am the good shepherd. I know my sheep, and they know me, 15 as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I give my life for my sheep. 16 And I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; these, I must bring them; they will hear my voice, and there will be one flock, one shepherd.

John 14-2 There are many mansions in my Father's house. If it were not so, I would have told you. I'll make you a place. 3 And when I am gone, and prepared for you a place, I will come again, and take you with me, that you may be where I am. 4 You know where I'm going, and you know the way.

Job 3-16 I would not exist, I would be like a hidden abortion, like children who have not seen the light.

Genesis 15-5 After leading him out, YAWEH said: Look to the sky, and count the stars, if you can count them. And he said to her, This shall be your seed.

Genesis 22-17 And I will bless you, and I will multiply your seed, as the stars of the sky, and as the sand that is on the seashore.

Jeremiah 33-22 Just as the army of the heavens can not be counted, nor the sand of the sea measured (not that of the seashore), so will I multiply the seed of David my servant.

Psalm 147-4 YAWEH counts the number of stars, He gives them all names. 5 Our Lord is great, powerful by His strength, His mind has no limit.

Luke 10-20 Rejoice that your names are written in heaven.


d) What do these 1023 children correspond to? (Number of children given to Abraham by faith)

Abraham is the Father of faith and his seed are those who have the faith of Abraham Roman 4-16.

Not all of humanity has manifested the faith of Abraham and since its origin it is estimated at around 100 billion human beings: 1011. Even if we count the unborn abortions, we are still far from our estimate of the 1023 "children of Abraham the man of faith, who believed the promise of His Great Friend.


How then can we understand this enormous promise?

The answer is perhaps in the following 3 texts:

Luke 3-6 & 8 All flesh shall see the salvation of God... I tell you that from these stones God is able to raise up children for Abraham. (See also 1 Corinthians 15-39)

Romans 8-20 For the creation (including the animal world given in subjection to man) was subjected to vanity, not of its own will, but because of him who subjected it, in the hope 21 that 'she also will be freed from the bondage of corruption, to share in the freedom of the glory of the children of God (Literally : The creation will be freed from the bondage of corruption, in freedom of the glory of the children of God .)

Revelation 5-13 And all the creatures that are in heaven (other celestial beings than the angels previously named in verse 11), on the earth (cows, dogs, cats, ants, etc.), under the earth (moles, worms, insects, etc.), on the sea (birds, dolphins, whales, etc.), and everything that is there (fish, octopus, squid, etc.), I heard them saying: To him who sits on to the throne, and to the Lamb, be praise, honor, glory, and strength, forever and ever! 14 And the four living creatures said, Amen! And the old men fell down and worshiped.

To whom will the glory of the children of God be given? If God can raise children from stones then He can raise children from animals.

Who will be able to speak and will worship the Lamb?

All of God's creatures will be transformed by God into true worshipers like Abraham.

Who attests to it? John and the four living beings and the 24 old men. And you, do you attest to it?

If 1/3 = 33 billion human beings will believe - Zechariah 13-8,

Then 1023 33x109 = 99,999,999,999,967,000,000,000 creatures will worship and be counted as children of Abraham.

That is 3,030,303,030,302 times more animals than men,

That is more than 3,000 billion times more animals than men.


Let's not make The Word of God say what it doesn't say:

John 12-32 And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself. 33 By saying this, he indicated what death he was to die. (The word "men" is not in the original Greek text)

1 Corinthians 15-21 For since death came by man, by man also came the resurrection of the dead. 22 And as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive,

Ephesians 1-9 God has made known to us the mystery of his will, according to the good purpose which he had formed in himself, 10 to carry it out in the fullness of time, to bring together all things in Christ, those which are in the heavens and those on the earth. (The word "things" is not in the original Greek text)

Colossians 3-9 Do not lie to one another, having put off the old man and his works, 10 and having put on the new self, which is renewed in knowledge, according to the image of him who 'created. 11 There is neither Greek nor Jew here, neither circumcised nor uncircumcised, neither barbarian nor Scythian, neither slave nor free; but Christ is all and in all. (The words "men or self" is not in the original Greek text, is it implied because it was cited before? Or is it because Christ, the New, is more than a man but a new creation ?)

Revelation 5-9 And they sang a new song, saying: You are worthy to take the scroll, and to open its seals; for you were slain, and with your blood you have redeemed for God men from every tribe, language, people, and nation; 10 you have made them a kingdom and priests to our God, and they will reign on the earth. (The word "men" is not in the original Greek text)

YES, it can be assumed that Abraham's children will not only be regenerate "men", but also animals...who will demonstrate obedience and faith and praise God and the Lamb.


This is why Jesus devoted so much time to wild animals at the beginning of his ministry (39/40 days) and at the end of his ministry (certainly 39/40th of his time during these 3 days and 3 nights: 70,2h / 72h)