36 )  Do you understand what was obvious to Jesus in his Matthew 24 speech? (Continuation of Chapter 4)


 Here is an evidence for Jesus: No one will know the day of the LORD (the day of his coming and the end of the world v3, 34, 35) because this day of judgment of the nations at the end of the great tribulation - v9, 15, 21 (though defined by a precise number of days) will come as by surprise - v36. God binds himself by his Word in giving the number of days of great tribulation, but He declares that these days of distress will be shortened, abridged to save the elects.

Jesus therefore specifies here that the duration of the days at the end of the great tribulation will no longer be the same. The rotation of the earth will be accelerated according to :  (24h => shortened to 12h and 16h)

Amos 8-9 It will happen in that day," says the Lord Yahweh, "that I will cause the sun to go down at noon, and I will darken the earth in the clear.

Revelation 8-12 The fourth angel sounded the trumpet, and the third part of the sun was struck, and the third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that the third of these stars was darkened, and the day did not appear, for thirds of its duration, and likewise for the night. (J. Darby Version)

The fourth angel sounded, and one third of the sun was struck, and one third of the moon, and one third of the stars; so that one third of them would be darkened, and the day would not shine for one third of it, and the night in the same way. (World English Bible)


Jesus even indicates how this will be done:                             (See detailed scenario in Appendix 2)

1) Stars will fall on the earth; v29

2) The days may be shortened, abbreviated simply by meteorites which will tangentially impact the earth and accelerate its rotation; v22

3) This will lead, spreading an enormous amount of matter in the earth's atmosphere to the point of hiding the sun and the moon ; v29

4) No one will know if it is daytime or nightime, time will no longer be counted. All electric instruments will not work anymore. The electrical discharges received on earth by these meteorites will have destroyed all the electrical systems, the cities, the high mountains and the islands ... Isaiah 2/14-15

       Men will work with their hands on the ground and grind wheat with 1 millstone (no more oil & electricity) Mat.25-40 / 41

5) The number of survivors will be so small that man on earth will be valued by God rarer than fine gold. Isaiah 13/12. All proud will have disappeared ; v22 and Isaiah 2/17

6) Jesus nevertheless indicates that this will be the product of the love of his Father, to save nevertheless some elects. Yes the day of God's vengeance will come.

7) Are you humble enough ? Do you understand this evidence that Jesus explains in detail ? or block yourself again on a misinterpretation of the text: "No one knows the day and the hour." Day only relating to the day of the LORD, the day of his coming and the end of the world ?

8) But for the rapture of His Church ... God warned His People, always motivated by His Love.


Beware, the Lord speaks of the blood that will be asked of those who do not warn.

So the supreme quality of a servant of the Lord is humility, he listens, reads, rereads many times, meditates, humbly asks for light from his Lord on the texts. And the latter loving his tool, his servant, He knows how to enlighten him. If by grace you say that you are ready, do you think that all your brothers and sisters do not hesitate in any way and are ready, that they remain in Christ and seek peace and sanctification? Faced with the imminence of this event (less than 1 month), you let yourself be warned and you prepare yourself seriously. What about your loved ones?


The churches are filled with proud people and proud of their biblical knowledge but have no real communion with the Shepherd of their souls. Their hearts are full of idols of all kinds. If God does not see Jesus alone in a heart, He will not take it. Isaiah 2/18

God gives a means of grace to awaken His people. The Great Sign participated in my personal awakening.


Use the means of grace placed at your disposal by God, the Great Sign, to warn and prepare your contemporaries as Jonah obeyed and participated in the salvation of many, he had 40 days to prepare his contemporaries. Neglect this means of grace through pride in your erroneous theology and not only you risk staying at the time of the rapture, but, God will ask you for accountability. Jonah repented and obeyed and was made partaker of the salvation of his contemporaries.



Every fiancée has a preparation time for a specific date.

In 4 passages of the Scriptures, God shows us that He will give a date to the rapture.


- Matthew 22, The servants sent by the Great King recall the invitation given for the date of the marriage of his son. Jesus insists above all on the fact that no one will respond favorably, but rather will be furious against these servants. The date fixed for the marriage is obvious. See Chapter 1.


- Genesis 24, From the beginning of her journey Rebecca knows the duration after questioning the old servant and at the end Rebecca to the attestation of the servant that the arrival to the term is near. See Chapter 7.


- Daniel 9, The Messiah arrives 7 x 7 years after the proclamation of the rebuilding of Jerusalem. See Appendix 13.


- Revelation 12, The child who reigns over the nations must first be taken up to God. Jesus shows John the sign that will precede this rapture. See Chapters 2, 8, 15, 23, 31.




The Great Sign is complete between September 23, 2017 at 10 pm and

September 26, 2017 at 10 am, time of its perfect symmetry

(Hour of Jerusalem): see middle Chapter 38.

In total for 60 Hours.



Some believe in God’s Love

and bend on Jesus chest,

other can’t support this idea…


See at Chapter 74 the enigma solution