The Church Rapture

The Saints Entry into Heaven 

  A few lines on my next departure

So that you will not be surprised when you do not see me any more.

Nevertheless, I hope that you will come with me.

May My People prepare for His Departure!

 There is nothing hidden that must not be discovered, nor secret that must not be known. Luke 12-2


Written by D.C., a useless servant, between November 2016 and November 26, 2023


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0) Introduction (see Chapters 20, 55, 10 & 62)                                           =====> 

1) The invitation of the Great KING

2) An undeniable GREAT SIGN in Heaven - John                     BIBLE and Astronomy and Astrology

3) The bright star announcing the birth of the Savior Jesus

4) & 36) Apparent contradiction with the words of Jesus: "No one knows of that day and hour"   

5) Explanation of the GREAT SIGN

6) The Bible is explained by the Bible

7) Let's look at a parallel passage that will illuminate the circumstances of the rapture - Rebekah

8) Be careful, note that the date of Rapture is not necessarily September 23

9) Your reaction face this GREAT SIGN

10) Let me show you a personal experience

11) The living God becomes in our hearts Who He really is

12) Let us contemplate the Unique Work of the Messiah (Frédéric GODET)

13) Are you call to mind?

14) Here are some serious pages on planet 7X

15) We hope that you will make the right choice according to God's advice


17) Main Bible Texts on The Return of Jesus ​​Christ

18) Prayer, exhortation to accept and await the LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST - The Ticket is free

19) To be sure to be raptured - The Song of the Rapture - The revelation of ZION by GOD

20) How did all this happen to me?

21) Let us try, if it is possible, to stop talking about what is so extraordinary

22) Some reflections, my goal is to warn His People

23) Explanatory Diagram of the GREAT SIGN

24) My joy is perfect -  The Lighting Reign of GOD has arrived

25) Our Transformation and Our Departure

26) Summary table of the plagues of the Great Tribulation - Many figures given by Jesus

27) The sign of Jonah, his brokenness and obedience, and the salvation for a whole people.

28) The wise obediant first church sold everything, She has amassed treasures in heaven.

29) 23, 24, 25 September 2017, the last trumpet

30) Notes on the Software used: STELLARIUM31

31) Let us admire the celestial mechanics created by Our Father and His Word Jesus

32) The sky that will be seen from the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem on September 23, 2017

33) The Wink of the Lord 1 lunar month before.

34) Who will understand the strategy of GOD Almighty?

35) The 2 "Raptures" of believers mentioned in the Bible before & at the end of the tribulation.

36) What was obvious to Jesus - 4 passages of Scriptures

37) The great red dragon(Urgent rapture)

38) If the Word seems to be slow to be fulfilled - The perfect symmetry of the Great Sign: 60 H

39) 3 times

40) Reminder on the date that seems limit: on 05 10 2017

41) But does God fear anything from the dragon?

42) The Obedience of the Son of God to the Heavenly Father

43) An Infinite and Eternal Recognition to Jesus and to my Father.

44) The Glory and Joy of GOD: "That God may be all in all"

45) The Mystery of God is fulfilled with the seventh trumpet

46) The Holy Spirit understands the secrets of Christ and communicates them to The Bride

47) Jesus' passage on Earth was a Great Light for humanity

48) The Church’passage on Earth will be a Light for humanity - The number of The Lamb's Bride : 60

49) JESUS ​​was not afraid to say to his disciples: ... but 3 days later He will resurrect.

50) 80 days of cleansing - The logical sequence of events & The 7th Trumpet (The last One)

51) I have hardened his heart ... Let my people go

52) Texts about 2 "Raptures" of believers (Church - Israel) before & at the end of the tribulation

53) Let's look at the Times in the life of Jesus & His Church

54) Dates and Chronology of Tribulation & Great Tribulation

55) I am neither a prophet nor a son of a prophet - The Enigma in Song of Solomon

56) 6000 years of humanity’s history…

57) God's dilemma between His Justice and ... His Love

58) The Perfect Holiness of Jesus ​​Christ becomes Our Holiness (Frédéric GODET)

59) The beauty of the 4 Perfect Beloved

60) God 4 in 1, the Ultimate Desire of Jesus Christ

61) About Christian Perfection

62) Adoration due to God, in spirit and truth - My Lord showed me in the following order

63) A Dream on the Children Rapture

64) To those who will remain after the rapture - Still Glorious

65) The time is short

66) The 4 Signatures of the Divine Plan

67) The Word of God is very precise, she aims her target

68) The Word of God is very precise in Daniel 9-25

69) Wait for what Jesus, The Father and The Holy Spirit have promised  

70) "Nehemiah's Formula" illuminates the Mystery of the Rapture

71) The Key to the Enigma : 60 X the time of Jesus Offered = …

72) 8 full days of waiting for Circoncision and Give the Name

73) The Parable of 10 Virgins

74) GOD' Time based on CHRIST

75) Conclusion: The Word of God and the Mystery of the Rapture Date

76) The Incarnation of the Son of God Mystery, His Coming and… His Return

The duration of Jesus’ Incarnation: 12 120 = 6 x 2020 days                     76-9c

    Abraham saw from afar the symmetry of the times around The Sacrifice offered by GOD 76-13h4 & 5

     A Grace of God: God loves men and even corrected their calendar                                         76-13j

    David received the porch and the temple plans, = the heavenly Temple The Church              76-13p4

    Elijah and the fire from heaven which falls and raises the 3 + 1 libations                                   76-13o & u & v

    Paul prophesied the fulfillment of Messiah Christo (2020) in one flesh... in 2020                    76-13q

The hour of Jesus' resurrection                                                                       76-13r & t

The Key of David and its mysteries                                                                  76-13x & 17f

The 2 witnesses and their preaching in 2021 : Christ crucified              76-13q51&13x-f &27

    The Bride of the Lamb transformed according to the promises carried by Jachin & Boaz      76-13z & 17

    Jesus in His Ministry as High Priest for 1200 days                                                                           76-15g3

    The various confirmations of the night of January 11/12 for The Birth of Jesus                     76-15d

    The opening of the times of Christ: "Holiness to the Lord" = "My Son, I begot you this day" 76-17f

    The date corresponding to the maximum withdrawal time: March 7, 2021 +...                        76-17g & 21d

    The End in 2021 (2nd creation) was announced by God from the 1st Bible verse                      76-19

     The Holy Spirit is poured out like the Great Waters for 189 days on all nations                   76-22

     The hope of the freedom of the glory of the children of God for all creation                      76-23

     The precise words of Jesus "If the days these ones were not shortened"                              76-24

     Reversible date for God: 121121, Faith contemplates The Sacrifice of the Lamb of God   76-25

      77) After the rapture, The 2 witnesses send by God and Gog et Magog's war

      78) Reminders and Conclusion

      79) 3 days and 3 nights: The Resurrection of Jesus and The New Creation

      80) The glorious original nudity restored



Annex 1:   Synopsis of Humanity’s History

Annex 2:   Apocalypse’Scenario according Jesus

Annex 3:   The Most Holy Place of the Whole Earth

Annex 4:   His feet will be on this day on the Mount of Olives

Annex 5:   The Messiah's Home, the King of the Whole Earth during the Millennium

Annex 6:   Works by Johannes KEPLER the Austrian astronomer

Annex 7:   Enoch, The Man who impressed GOD - The Clock of GOD based on Enoch's Life

                                                                                                           The Day of The Lord

Annex 8:   Personal Conclusion

Annex 9:   Number of missing people 

Annex 10: God announces what will happen after the Rapture

Annex 11: The Divinity of Jesus-Christ, Base of Our Elevation (Frédéric GODET)

Annex 12: The Messiah of Israel: Jesus-Christ Crucified and Triumphant; discovered by Moses...

Annex 13: Date of the Messiah's coming for Israel according to Daniel 9-25

Annex 14: Noah's Ark discovered on Mts Ararat and... the Mystery of the Rapture - Haggai

Annex 15: Solomon's Song Enigma helps to solve the Saints Rapture Enigma - Sulamith

Annex 16: My testimony & My personal destiny



Book summary: Highlighted chapters in Yellow or Green, If you run out of time, you can read first :

Introduction and personal Chapters (20, 55, 10 & 62) = Annex 16

Then Chapters: 2, 4 et 36, 18, 19, 26, 47, 48, 52, 76 & finally Annex : 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14.

The Red Chapters highlighted in gray, to contemplate and worship GOD

An overview of the work in the table below: Men and Women of the Bible


The    Initiator    Event    of   …    Apocalypse

 You know what is restraining the man of sin,

so that he only appears in his time.

For the mystery of iniquity is already working ;

Only there is one who restrains now, until he is taken out of the way.

December 3 to 5, 2023 ,

Will millions of Saints and Children  disappear ?

The solution to the enigma is in The Key of David, summarized at the bottom of this page

(This is The Fulfillment of CHRIST :  exactly 2020 Years  after the Decisional Birth of Jesus)


Let us do like the prophets, who made this salvation the object of their research and their investigations, wanting to probe the time and the circumstances marked by the Spirit of Christ who was in them, and who testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ and the glory of which they would be followed. 1 Peter 1-10/11

So here are my assumptions / suppositions following my research / investigations in  The  Word  of  God,

Impossible to do them without The  Wonderful  Guidelines  of  My  Beloved  Lord  and  Savior :  JESUS - CHRIST.

I do not add anything to The Word of God, I am only trying to understand The Logic of My Heavenly Father.


Schematic conclusion of chapters 74-75-76

The 9+98 passages in green below of Holy Bible tell us about the date of the Rapture of the Saints.

Please click on the Chapters C3... or Annex A7... in Blue below, to access the texts.


A superficial reading of this book will show only a series of plausible proposals of successive dates for the coming of the Heavenly Bridegroom Jesus, coming to seek His Beloved, in view of Divine Wedding.

This book is filled with human weakness and Glory that gets back to God Alone. (1 Treasure in a clay vessel)

Human weakness, because:

  • If Sulamith thought she had seen her Beloved appear many times, these night alarms were the Expression of her Perfect Love for her Beloved.
  • Similarly, for my part, I believed many times that the time was there and hastened to write, and thus mentions numerous dates throughout the book (written between 2016 and 2023), plausible dates mentioned, and listed to warn of the possible imminence of the Rapture of Saints.

A thorough reading of this book will reveal the path indicated by the Holy Spirit to discover the final object sought, and the various successive stages linked together to reach it and marked by certain dates and particular facts which enlighten us of the impending Coming of the Celestial Husband. (Wonderful path detailed in Annex 16-8)

Through the clues mentioned in The Holy Scriptures, in the prophetic life of men and women engendered by Zion,

God invites us to deduce the date of the Saints‘ Rapture.






In the chaos of human history, here is... The Perfect Timeline of GOD' History:

 Here are 8 (+2=10) different biblical bases of calculation to approach the Saints’ rapture date

1 - The life of Enoch has helped us to precisely determine the dates of:                                              (1st basis of calculation)

  • The first series of meteorites that impacted the earth during the flood,
    • in 2457.87 BC, i.e. 17 Yar = End of April of the year 2458 BC.
  • The second series of meteorites that will impact the earth before the Messiah's return in Glory.
    • The start will begin in mid-July 2025 with the 4th Trumpet (End of April  + 75 days = mid-July)
    • The end around 6 months later in January 2026 with the 7th Cup.

2457 + 12 x 365.25 + 100 = 2457 + 2026 Here is God’ Clock based on Enoch’ life

The walk with God according to Enoch will influence all of history, the whole walk of his descendants.

In His Patience, God will add 100 years to the 1,000 blessed generations after Enoch.

See Annex 7 h and j 1 to 5

And this regardless of the date of the rapture of the Saints.

This allows us to consider for how long the days will be shortened by 1/3 of their time,

according to the prophecies of Jesus:

  • to his disciples (in Matthew 24-22 If these days were not shortened, no one would be saved; but, because of the elect, these days will be shortened.)
  • to his beloved disciple John (in Revelation 8-12 The fourth angel sounded his trumpet. And a third of the sun was smitten, affected, and a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of the was darkened, and literally let the day not appear for a third of it, and the same for the night.)
  • This between the 4th Trumpet (at the end of July 2025) and The Return in Glory of Jesus, February 11, 2031, dated precisely from the Rapture of the Saints, which would take place on December 5 2023, that is 2625 days (1290 + 1335, see Daniel 12-11) before the Great Day of the Lord. Which will make a shortening of about 674d. out of 2021 days (-22 months out of 66 months).
  • When on His Return in Glory, Jesus with all His Saints comes down from heaven and sets his feet on the Mount of Olives, there will be a great valley and the highest mountain will rise who will raise Mount Golgotha high.

See Annexes 3 to 5

    • The earth whose days will be shortened by the impact of meteorites (16h instead of 24h), will be slowed down by the coming of Jesus and will turn again more slowly (>24h ?) to increase the longevity of its inhabitants as before the flood. It will be: Jesus Christ signature
    • The Day of the Lord will be the first very long day of this Glorious New Era of Love of Justice and Peace that will be : 

The Millennium.                                    See Annex 7 j4-5


2 - Surprisingly, completely independent of the date of the Great Sign in heaven, Scripture points out :

(read the detailed explanation in Chapter 76 - 13h3 to 13j)                               (2nd basis of calculation)

 (The year 2020 quoted in the table below is the one of God which ends on December 5, 2023)