3) The bright star announcing the birth of the Savior Jesus (For more details, see Chapter 53 & Annex 6)


Move forward the STELLARIUM clock by your own hand and you will contemplate as I did the brilliant star announcing the birth of the Savior Jesus coming from a virgin: Mary. Another undeniable sign given by God.

This is what an astronomer believer living in the East (a wise man) must have seen, for example in ancient Persia at the time of Jesus' birth. He said, "We saw his star in the East - or the East." (Mathieu 2 - 2) Living in Susa or Babylon (east of Jerusalem), he looked eastward into the sky (southward in the northern hemisphere) when appeared to the east, at the beginning of May, Year -6, a new very bright double star.


What I write now is the reflection that Our Lord gave me to discover what we saw the wise man :

Why was he looking east? As he was a conscientious astronomer, he noted every day the precise moments of sunrise and sunset. And one day, while he was waiting for the star of the day, just before he got up, he saw a double star rising in the sky that quickly disappeared hidden by the light of day. Then each day more, this double star remained visible longer.

Please, admire this with the Stellarium!


If he had stayed at home in Persia or Babylonia, he could have seen this celestial body crossing the celestial vault from east to west from the beginning of May -6 to the beginning of January -5, that is to say for about 8 months  (very pregnant period certainly of the humble Virgin Mary, Isaiah 7 - 14 and Matthew 1 - 23, Luke 1 - 26/27).

And yes, historians think that Jesus was not born in year 0 but between -4 and -7 (Herod died in March -4, after the birth of the Savior). See end of this Chapter 3

In the Pisces Constellation there was a Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn for about 8 months.

(Also highlighted by KEPLER calculations - see Annex 6, written December 8, 2018).


During : Between the 01/05/-6 and the 12/01/-5 or between the 30/04/-6 and the 11/01/-5 (or the 01/05/1995 and the 12/01/1996), it has passed 256 days, or 8 months & 11 days. (See Chapter 53, written in early 2018)

Note: 256 = 16 x 16 Love x Love = The Love of the Father who gives, combined with the Holy Spirit who envelops with Love = The Love of the Son who gives himself, with of course the agreement of Mary who accepts to bear, from the woman who called God Her Savior, who spoke of his baseness and who recognized that a grace had been made to her of which she was not worthy being like all Adam‘s posterity.

Either a pregnancy maybe for Marie of : 8 months and 11 days. The original text states : It came to pass, while being there, the days were completed for her to give birth, and she bore the son of her the firstborn. Luke 2-6 / 7

Not simply : the days were completed to give birth ; but the days were completed for her to give birth. This may allow to consider an earlier birth due to the tiring journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem on the back of a donkey.

The number 16 in the Bible is symbolic of Divine Love. How is the number 16 related to love?

The Apostle Paul, in his first book at the Corinthian Church, states that there are 16 distinctions about the quality of Love that God hasand that He wants us to practice also because we have been placed by Him in His Son Jesus Christ according to 1Corinthians 1-30. 

So, Love is ... or Jesus is ... or I am ... or :

  • Charity is patient,                                   1
  • it is full of kindness ;                               2
  • charity is not envious ;                           3
  • charity does not boast,                          4
  • it does not swell with pride               5
  • 5 it does not do anything dishonest,  6
  • it does not seek its interest,                 7
  • it does not irritate itself,                        8
  • it does not suspect evil,                          9
  • 6 it does not rejoice at injustice,        10
  • but rejoices at the truth ;                    11
  • 7 it excuses everything,                       12
  • it believes everything,                          13
  • it hopes everything,                             14
  • it bears everything.                             15
  • 8 Charity never perishes.                   16

1Corinthians 13-4 / 8.                         Faces


We have received through Jesus the capacity to be able to live this Love !

Glory to God ! It is the grace of Christ in us !


Here are the images of the Stellarium, what the wise men have seen: