Appendix 16 – My personnal testimony


1) But who am I? 

My name is Dominique CHMIELEWSKI, I am a born-again Christian since the age of 18 (August 1978), born in Le Creusot in France the 22nd of February 1960, married with my wonderful Annie LAGNEAU BROCHOT CHMIELEWSKI (which bears the 2 Wonderful Names of our Savior and Lord: LAMB of GOD and LION of JUDAH) for 36 years now (August 1984), and proud of our wonderful son Marc Etienne Hénoch, 21 years old (1999). A simple Christian who accepts to share his faith and the Word of the Lord, with all those whom the Lord has placed on his path for 40 years now. I am a French mechanical Engineer (INSA of Lyon - Mechanical Construction Engineering in 1984).

The Lord has filled me with His Spirit and His love for all peoples. I consider myself to be His slave, at His disposal for all those The Lord will put on my path.

For my part I say humbly, I have not always walked with My Lord as today ... I sometimes fell asleep and moved away from the path of faithful obedience ... 

The discovery of this Revelation 12 Great Sign participated in my awakening.


2) My testimony of conversion to Jesus Christ:

I accompanied my parents quite regularly to the Catholic Church until the age of 13-15 years.

So I was born in a Christian Catholic family for several generations (Polish origin by my father and French by my mother), but that did not stop me from lying, stealing, cheating ... So I stole among others more than 250 records 33 rpm, in the various stores of my region, proud that I was to display my musical knowledge to who wanted to listen to me.

I did not know God. Abraham did not know him either for more than 70 years, his son Isaac either, and Jacob the wily and liar either before becoming Israel, Moses the murderer either ... he waited 80 years. All of them once met God personally, and their lives changed dramatically. They became the happiest people on earth.

Before or after my 12 years, John LITTLETON gave a concert at the Catholic Church where we were going and sang: "Go away to the squares and the forecourt ». I was very concerned with the words, and wondered how to have such strength to testify so wholeheartedly about his faith? I would have liked to do it, but it was impossible for me.

At 12, just before my solemn communion, a young priest asked all the children together, who would like to be a priest or a nun? They all laughed, except me, because in the face of this young man's seriousness - and how he had opened his heart to us by telling us how he had raised his hand at our age when we had asked him the same question - I was convinced at that moment that behind the thought of God there was something very serious. And for a long time when I was asked what I wanted to do later, this questioning of God came back to me.

At 18, I met God personally, and my life changed radically. My cousin Christine MILET SORENSEN, a Christian recently, invited us, my cousin Roland CHMIELEWSKI and me, to a young Christian camp in the Alps mountain (At Champcella in the valley of Freissinières, in the department of Hight-Alps.) Very challenged by these young believers who all told me, while I was drawing their portrait, how Jesus was revealed to them, I asked God one night: "If you really exist, I ask you one thing: I would like to be happy, but not in 5-10 years from now, right now, I'm waiting". Then I crossed my arms, angry, decided to wait a while. Nothing happened for a few minutes, and then, deep inside me, a voice was heard: "You know, it's true, I exist; what you have been told about me is true". I resisted this voice first, which spoke as a very strong inner conviction. I said to myself, "We told you about God, so you believe it, no it does not work with me". I crossed my arms again, determined to wait. And then, I realized that I had addressed God as one speaks to a less than nothing, at my service, and that He nonetheless, answered me with a very soft inner voice but which spoke like a very strong inner conviction. So I cracked and started crying like a child. And after I cried for several minutes because of the love that was manifesting to me when I had opposed a great hardness of heart and contempt, I felt a joy that I had never known before. I exploded with joy internally and I wanted to go wash myself at the fountain that flowed in front of me. As I got up to go I realized that I could not walk straight, I staggered like a drunk man. I took some water in my hands and admired the splendor of the moonlight in my hands that I thought were filled with sparkling diamonds. It was as if I was discovering the water for the first time, I could not hold it, it ran between my fingers. I splashed myself with water, thinking to wake myself from this dream too beautiful. But this immense joy was still there.

A Christian girl approached me then and I tried to talk to her. Impossible to say the least words without stammering an incomprehensible language. She said to me, "stop, I understand." I still did not understand what I was experiencing then and what she was talking about. About 10 years later I realized that the Lord had filled me then with His Holy Spirit who manifests Himself by speaking in tongues, praising God. Some days later I was baptized in the very cold La Biaysse torrent to obey Jesus: Whoever will believe (1) and who will bebaptized (+2) will be saved (=3) - Mark 16-16.

Less than a year later, I received for the first time a specific Word of God in a church meeting. Asking myself about the origin of this word, I was going to speak when my pastor, Jean DUPOUY on his knees beside me, gave the same words while addressing the whole assembly gathered in prayer. I learned to discern the voice of My Lord. Yes, God is alive and He still speaks today.


3)  God speaks !  Let me tell you about one of my personal experiences

Do you think it is impossible to know the future precisely?

Here is one of the many experiences I did in 1988, at the age of 28. I was then a young engineer and had recently been working in a sanitary tap factory. The financial circumstances of the company meant that my position was likely to be removed. I got ready to look for a new job but before I did I saw one day (one Tuesday) our C.E.O. come down from Paris to visit the factory with a new factory manager.

On my way back home at noon, I told my wife that according the smile of the C.E.O. he would most likely take this man for the job.

Then at 1 pm I prepared to leave and when I opened my house door, Jesus my Lord clearly told me"You will be the director of the factory."I release the door handle because I was in shock, I turned to my wife Annie and told her what Jesus had just told me. Together we knelt and declared that if it were His Will, we would humbly accept it.

I remember arriving as usual at 1:30 pm in my office. My window was facing the yard of the factory and the workshops and there in this courtyard I could see my C.E.O. who ended a lively discussion with the middle management of the factory. Very quickly I saw him cross the yard then entered the offices and I heard his steps on the tile coming to my office. He knocked on the door of my office, which was open, sat in front of me and said in a few words, "Dominique, we do not know each other, but the workshop managers have all told me that I should try you to manage the factory ". Since he had not yet had lunch, he invited me to the restaurant and while he was eating and me an ice cream, we discussed the job. He told me at that time that at the end of the morning he had accompanied the morning visitor to the train, shook his hand and told him "The ball is in your court" signifying him his agreement to hire him as factory manager.

My God had decided otherwise, and in half an hour I saw him put me in place without me doing anything for it. I can say, very humbly, that I lived what Joseph lived one day in a few moments, when Pharaoh brought him out of prison to entrust him with the management of the whole of Egypt. I was leaving this company and found myself in less than an hour responsible for a complete production site of 100 people in accordance with His Word that I had received and believed.

Yes, So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romain 10 - 17

10 years earlier in 1978, at 18 years old, I had met my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God who died for my sins. It was an experience that shattered my life and that I never regretted. I realized that before I was like on a spider web, today my life is based on the Rock of the centuries. He gives me a peace, a stability, a deep and overflowing joy, and thanks to Him alone I will soon see Him.


4) Sharing my faith:

Soon after this wonderful meeting, I devour the Bible and feel the desire to share with all my faith, Jews, Muslims, Christian names, atheists, free thinkers ... men, women, children, elderly people:

- In my family and my family in-law, to my neighbors,

- To my classmates at the university then the engineering school, and to my teachers,

- On the public markets with a biblical stand and my guitar sometimes,

- With a choir in the villages of Saone & Loire and retirement homes,

- During Evangelism Campaigns in Avignon in 1979 and Geneva 1980 with Youth on Mission,

- To my colleagues, in the Paris region, Auvergne, Burgundy, Rhône-Alpes, and abroad in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Nigeria, Jordan, India, Peru ...

And I still remember the wonderful divine appointments with many hearts that My Lord had prepared to receive the true life.


I was also involved in the construction of three places of worship at Saint Laurent du Pont, Le Creusot, Eybens.


5) In which churches did I grow in faith?

The free Pentecostal church of Pierre TRUSCHEL in Grenoble, organized this camp for young Christians, and after I could listen with gratitude the various preachings of this zealous pastor for His Lord. My first years were also listening to a humble and remarkable pastoral couple by their example in prayer, at the Assembly of God in Le Creusot: Jean and Paulette DUPOUY.

I was also impressed by the teachings of Christian scientist Serge TARASENKO, humble and strong as a lion, with whom I was able to exchange. Our many work-related moves allowed us to also attend the Point du Jour church in Boulogne Billancourt with Jules THOBOIS, the Assemblies of God of Thiers and Vichy, The Open Christian Door of Jean PETERSCHMIT in Mulhouse and Impact Center Chrétien in Boissy Saint Léger with Yvan and Yves CASTANOU, among other churches.

But I feel good everywhere, with all my brothers and sisters who have accepted the Unique Work of Jesus to save them from their sins. Evangelicals, Messianic Jews, Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, former Muslims ... among whom is His Flock that He comes to seek soon. But I also say to all as the Holy Spirit says: "Come out of the midst of the great whore, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye have no part in her plagues." (Revelation 18-4).


6) How did this all happen to me? Why write this "book"?

At the end of 2016, I discover on the internet the Great Sign given by the Lord and his explanation by a serious Australian Pastor, Steve CIOCCOLANTI. I have time to study closely this sign, because of my work and my long evenings available. The Lord enlightened me greatly in the understanding of His Word. I am there in Algeria for several months, among Muslim work colleagues whom I wish to warn of the time in which we lived. They also awaited the return of the Prophet Jesus, but don’t know him. I have already shared with them my vision of the explanation of the Aid festival and the notion of the substitute according to the Bible. (See Chapter 57)

So I write a few lines on the subject that I send them by mail. To my astonishment, it is a very favorable response from the CEO of the customer I work with, whom I will receive first and who will thank me for this writing. I do not know what he understood, but I humbly did what my Lord ask to me.

On February 8, 2017, I wash myself and when I take a cotton stalk to clean my ears I realize that I have only 2 left. So I think I have to buy some soon, when the Lord tells me clearly that I will not need to buy. In the early evening, I undertake to transmit this little writing to my brothers and sisters in Christ. A few hours later, I received an e-mail from the HR Deparment of the company that employs me, after 8 pm, meaning that my contract is over and giving me the order to return to France within 2 days, ie February 10. I dispute the reason given, which is a lack of submission to the authorities during my travels on the Week End, while I strictly comply with the directives I received at the beginning of my contract and never received directives for the Week End. The decision is firm and definitive, I am in perfect peace, and I prepare on the 10th to leave my hotel when after my morning toilet I notice the 2 remaining cotton stalks, I suddenly remember the Word of the Lord, and decide to use them for each of my 2 ears. Why does the Lord want me to leave so quickly? It is true that I was wondering: How would I do with my current contract to shorten the notice period of 2 months if necessary? The Lord had the answer.

So I come back to France, and I am astonished that I do not receive any answer which I hoped from my beloved brothers and sisters in France, no enthusiasm for this great news. And then an Englishman calls me, wondering if I would be available to go to work in Nigeria, in Calabar, the southern part of Nigeria...

Why not, I am available and my family accepts this new challenge. When I look at the internet to get to know Nigeria, I realize that it is a country divided between the two religions Christian and Muslim, with about 90 million Christians. I think then: 90 million to prepare for the return of Our Lord and why not also the other half. With God, everything is possible !

Desiring to share this good news of the rapture announced by The Great Sign, so The Lord sent me to Nigeria (see Chapter 65). I did not know at all that there were so many Christians in Nigeria, zealous in their faith and full of love for their Lord. The Lord opened to me the door of several churches where I could share what He had entrusted to me to wake up and prepare His People for His Return. The enthusiasm was great for many. But some doors have remained closed because I quickly understood that according to the legitimacy of submission to the authorities, some would allow me to share my message only if their officials authorized them. Which was perfectly normal.

So one Sunday morning when I woke up, I prayed, "You know, Lord, that I have no money to go to Lagos, the big city where the leaders of these great churches are; but I know you can provide to it. Open this door if that's your will. " And then the same Monday morning, I do the same prayer. Arriving at work at the factory, I attend Monday morning meeting officials and just after my director takes me by the arm and said in a few words: we urgently need you Dominique in Lagos, as soon as this week. And here I am, arriving at Lagos airport on Thursday of the same week, and more particularly in a church that I wanted to visit, one hour later after my arrival.

Considering the urgency of the situation, I experienced the grace of God that inspires in our hearts the prayers He wants to answer.

3 weeks later, August 6, 2017 at 4 pm, I find myself in front of the man - Enoch ADEBOYE - to whom God has entrusted the responsibility of churches in 196 countries. During 15 to 20 minutes I share in particular the 4 texts of the Scriptures speaking of a date for the Rapture. Then I make a video recording of 1h30 with his team. One week later I am fired from the company that employs me and returns to France on August 15th : I went to the annual meeting, the national convention of the RCCG (Redeemed Christian Church of God), place at risk according to my employer at this time, because gathering a large number of people ... 2 to 4 million. Hard to say, this shelter (according to Isaiah 4-6) of 1000 x 500 m contains more than one million people and the new shelter of 3000 x 3000 m in the end - still under construction - gathered, at the same time in the last days of the convention, a crowd of ... more than one million people?

There, I realized that My Heavenly Father looks like a jasper stone and sardius (brown)

and that My Savior Jesus is born among a people with a clearer skin. Revelation 4-3

If Sulamith is black in skin, Her Shepherd is White like milk, ivory and white marble. Song of S. 1-5 and 5-10 to 15


7) I am neither a prophet nor a son of a prophet

Amos said: I am neither a prophet nor a son of a prophet; but I am a shepherd (7-14). For my part, I am a professional mechanical engineer, although having received very precise prophetic words sometimes; and I make an enormous difference between a prophecy and the interpretation of a prophecy or the interpretation of a prophetic sign.

For fear of being called false prophets many do not seek to understand or share how they understand the prophecies of The Word of God (1/3 of the Bible is made up of prophecies) ; even more sometimes, some ignore the texts. But to cut down some words because they are difficult to understand is on the contrary detrimental - prejudicial to salvation according to Revelation 22-19. Not to read them is to be like an ostrich, it is to cut them off.

I am attached in my book to emphasize that an astronomical fact in the sky corresponds perfectly to the Great Sign of Revelation 12. A Sign in the sky was completed before our eyes between September 23 and 26, 2017 (1 only times in 7000 years of history), and I make no predictions about it, I only say what God says it means (See Chapter 15), this Great Sign of Revelation 12 is forerunner to the rapture of the Son. I do like the prophets, who prophesied concerning the grace that was reserved for us, and who made this salvationthe object of their research and their investigations, 11 wanting to probe the time and the circumstances marked by the Spirit of God.Christ who was in them, and who testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ and the glory of which they would be followed. 1 Peter 1-10

Do you say that Jesus' words on his return and that the prophecies of The Word on the times of the end are too difficult or impossible to understand ? To sound the scriptures is never vain. It's the Word that freed me. God resists the proud but He gives grace to the humble. The natural man does not understand the things of God, but the Spirit searches all things ... even the depths of God. And He knows how to inspire and enlighten his children who ask him humbly.

Luke 10 - 21 At this very moment Jesus shuddered with joy by the Holy Spirit, and said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you hid these things from the wise and the wise, and from what You revealed them to the children. Yes, Father, I praise You that You wanted it so. "

Daniel 12 - 4 And you, Daniel, hide the words and seal the book until the time of the end. Many will run here and there ; and knowledge(about the book) will increase. And again, in verse 9 Go, Daniel, for these words will be kept secret and sealed until the time of the end.

So, I often asked for light on the texts to My Lord, and oh wonder, He greatly enlightened me, and I was able to write this booklet He had made it my heart to share with the greatest number (Christians, Muslims, Incredulous) mainly for the preparation of each one for this great event of the Rapture or the salvation of the soul offered by God in Jesus Christ (See Chapter 20). I have been able to write since November 2016 on this subject until these days, it became this book. As you go through the chapters you can sometimes understand when they were written. I focused my investigations in front of the Lord, according to his request, on this event of the Rapture and not the totality of the Revelation, but many passages were illuminated.

I have written in French and English and regularly the latest updated versions are available on the internet with the

following links : (But the Internet version is more complete)

                        Link for the latest English version of the book on Church's rapture - A4 Format :


Lien pour la dernière version française du livre en Format A4 sur l’Enlèvement de l’Eglise :


I have no merit, because My Lord gave me time to do it, the understanding of the texts and even made me discover many. Sometimes the lights and ideas come to me without having the time to update and I know that some are impatient. Some, unfortunately, mocking at heart, denigrate these investigations, not understanding their meaning or usefulness. I also know that a bad understanding of some texts blocks many people. May God give them grace and to their leaders and give them all, a way of humility to prepare themselves for the Great Day of the Lord and be truly ready. 

A mature reader of the Word, a disciple will learn to question His Lord.

Having hope in this wonderful event, I strive on my part to be at peace with all men and to seek sanctification without which no one will see the Lord. When God lives with us by his Holy Spirit, He fills us with a perfect love for all our fellow beings. What is the spirit that leads you ? I hope your indulgence for the overflowing enthusiasm that has characterized me sometimes in this writing and the speed to present certain dates. But is not this the normal attitude of a Fiancée, a Sulamith who loves and waits for her Beloved, dreams and thinks she sees him?


When God put me to heart to write and share to all, I did not know where it would lead, but :


8) My Lord showed me in the following order (if my memory serves me)  

to my amazement day by day for about 58 months (from the end of November 2016 to September 2021)


  • The accuracy of the Great Sign and the first precise date, upsetting my theology of the moment                                         2
  • The 2nd obvious date according to Jesus, given for the wedding of the Lamb and the refusal of everybody to prepare    1
  • God will open the knowledge to his children at the end times, as He says twice in Daniel 12                                              15
  • The woman represents SION, and the Son represents CHRIST (explanation of the Great Sign)                                        5-1-a
  • A mysterious planet seems to be the cyclic tool of God (serious searches from Christians scientists)                                 14
  • The beauty of the double star symbolizing a woman carrying a child, a star appearing in the East in years 6 & 5 B.C.    3

     I will find out much later (about 1 year later) what Johannes KEPLER discovered.                                                 Annex 6

  • Do you agree to question your understanding: "No one knows the day ...", Matthew 24: during the Great Tribulation  4

     Yes, then I will understand later the evidence for Jesus concerning The Day of the Lord (and not for the Rapture)

  • The chronology (quoted upside down) to understand well, according Apostle Paul: 2 Thessalonians 2-6/7            5-2, 50
  • 3rd text showing a known date for the Beloved: The marriage of Isaac and Rebecca in Genesis 24                                     7
  • The departure of the angels and the celestial fight which will follow                                                                                     5-2
  • The rapture of children (A specific dream was given to me, which I report in chapter 63)                                             5-1, 63

     The Kingdom of God is for them and those who are like them

  • 4th text showing a date - Revelation of Daniel 9-23/27: after the proclamation of rebuilding Jerusalem                            7
  • God accelerates the events concerning me, I leave Algeria suddenly after His warning                                                        20
  • God hiding the 2 most important events in the history of humanity: The CROSS veiled by darkness,

and the entry of CHRIST in His REGNE veiled by the light                                                                                24

  • Number of survivors of the Great Tribulation: Men rarer than fine gold, and an estimate of the elects’ number            26
  • The 2 raptures of faithful believers mentioned in the Bible before and during the Great Tribulation                          35, 52
  • An evidence for Jesus in his speech of Matthew 24: "No one knows the day ..."                                                                   36
  • The big red dragon visible in heaven too, exactly on the trajectory of childbirth                                                                     37
  • The symmetry of the Great Sign, still complete at this time: 10am in Jerusalem on 26th 09 2017 (Total = 60 h)            38
  • Dates in the life of Jesus according to the Stellarium & History: Conception, Birth, Death                         3, 47-a & b, 53-a
  • The figure of The Lamb's Wife, The New Jerusalem: 60, 5 times revealed then 6, 7 and 8 (06/28/2020)     48-d, 56-a & d
  • Similarity between Jesus and his Church, end of adamic life on earth by a resurrection: November 27, 2017             48-e
  • 80 days of cleansing before possible Entry into the Sanctuary: 27/29 November 2017                                                         50
  • 2 texts speak about the 2 “Raptures” of the Church: Revelation 12 and Ruth 2                                                                     52
  • Development of Jesus in the womb of Mary: 256 days = 16 x 16 (Love X Love)                                                                   53-a
  • Similarity between Jesus and His Church, end of adamic life on earth by a resurrection: March 28, 2018                    53-d
  • The Mystery of God is fulfilled after the Seven Thunders  (test No. 4 of explanation)                                                        53-e
  • Sulamith thought that she saw 13 times her Beloved, according to the expression of his perfect love,

and exclaimed her love without restraint 16 times                                                                                           55

  • 6139 years or 6000 years                                                                                                                                                                56-d
  • Groping on the end of Jesus' earthly ministry after his speech on the night of the resurrection;

     and consequences for the Church, in agreement with The prophetic Word of Daniel 9-25                                           69

  • “Nehemiah’s Formula” - Valuable information and similarities between the ministries of Nehemiah and Jesus          70
  • The Key of the Enigma: 60 times the time of Jesus Offered = 1 year of Gracethen 8 days waiting to name           71, 72
  • Jesus enters heaven with the offering of his own blood, for the eternal redemption of his people                       72-1 to 5
  • Enoch, the man who impressed GOD to the point of putting his stamp on the Clock of God                                  Annex 7

     The date of the 2nd major cataclysm for humanity (the 6th Seal before The Day of the Lord)                         Annex 7j4

     The date of The Day of the Lord : July 14, 2028 minus 365 days (-12 months) due to shorten days

The prophetic Word of Daniel 9-25 still veiled for Israel and therefore difficult to clarify                                       Annex 13

  • The last hour workers : 12 x 60 days of Grace + ...                                                                                                                        74
  • “Nehemiah’s Formula” - his 3-day prayer (rest before God) before his night inspection and

     the exposure of his plan (1 day), are days of faith counting in “Nehemiah’s Formula ”                                                  70

  • Noah's Ark construction and the entry into the Ark, 7 days before the Flood                                                             Annex 14
  • Solomon's Song of Songs Enigma helps to solve the Enigma of the Saints Rapture                                                   Annex 15
  • Haggai 2: The 24/09 mentioned 5 times, in correspondence with the 25th of Ellul in 2019 - Nehemiah 6-15,

      Will this day last a long time: 1000 + 17 days, according to Haggai's wish?                                                     Annex 14-6

  • Clues left by Jesus: He speak to us about before the end of 13th Hour:                                                                               76-6
  • In the 14th Hour: the 100th  day - 7 => from December 15 to 18, 2019 (time of the Patience of God)                           76-8
  • 3rd text speaking of the 2 “Raptures” of the Church: Solomon’ Song 2-10/14                                                                       52
  • The mystery of the total duration of the Son of God Incarnation & ... the 15th & 16th Hour:

     His Body and His Blood ultimately nourish: 12 apostles, and in total he generates 120 disciples: 12,120          76-9c

     Like the temple of Solomon, 60 cubits long,                                                                                                                    76-13n

     The Temple built by Jesus to His Likeness (The Church) will be 60 (Duration of His Incarnation) long

     Incarnation of Jesus: 12,120 d = 6 x 2020 and Duration of the Church: 60 x 12,120 - 6 x 60 x 2020 = 72.7200 d

  • The Waiting Times wanted by God -  The Time of Love for the Beloved Bride: 16 x 60

     from Sunday April 26 to Wednesday May 13, 2020                                                                                                      76-13h5

  • The Timing of God from the death of Abraham until the 1st and 2nd Coming of Jesus The Messiah =

1991 years, 2 times, a perfection of time: 3 x 14 generations

May 22-31, Jun 3, Jul 16-22-26, Sep 4-9-14-19-24, Oct 13-14, Nov 3-13, Dec 3-6-29, Jan 11-19, Feb 21, March 5, 2021 76-13L to 20

     The waiting time wanted by The Holy Spirit for Jesus: 40 + 40 days Before and After His Ministry

     The waiting time wanted by The Holy Spirit for the Church: 50 + 50 days, then 50 + 60 days, then 50 + 248 days

     The last enemy to be defeated: death - Waiting after the Great Sign: 1260 days

     David' vision of the Temple - 60 times the Life of Messiah Jesus + 324 days              76-13 o to 21

     Paul enlightened servant of CHRISTO - Numerical Value 2020 - One Unified Body                                             76-13 q

  • Jesus expires in the light, it is the promise of victory, of the resurrection. : Everything is accomplished                  76-13r
  • The tomb is now silent ... The hour of the resurrection at approximately 10p.m.                                                        76-13r
  • The sacrifice offered by Elijah perfectly represents the moment of the Saints’ Rapture.                                   76-13u to v
  • The key of David and its 7 mysteries                                                                                                                        76-13x and 17f
  • The 2 witnesses and their preaching in 2021: Christ crucified                                                                           76-13q51 & x-f
  • • The Bride of the Lamb transformed according to the promises carried by Jachin and Boaz                         76-13z & 15
  • The beginning of the year according to Our God                                                                                                          76-15 &17
  • The decision-making birth of Jesus: Choice of Good = Holiness to the Lord = You are My Son today
  • The date of the Rapture of the Saints: May 7, 2021                                        76-13h4-5 & 15c & 16b & 17c-d-e&20
  • The various confirmations of the night of January 11/12 for The Birth of Jesus                                                       76-15d
  • Any male opening the womb will be called Holy to the Lord:

     Jesus walked the 10 cubits of the porch and entered the Temple.

     And through this Holy Temple, Zion, He built His Holy Church according to this well-defined scheme.        76-17th

  • The maximum waiting time for The People of God… 1 generation: Rapture May 7 +..., 2021           76-17g & 21d
  • The announcement of the 2nd creation from the 1st verse of the Bible, improvement of the 1st creation in : 2021           76-19


I can only bow down and worship  The Sovereign Master of the Universe,  The Father of Glory,  so Wonderful,

who judged me worthy to receive his revelations, sometimes following precise prayers, and gave me by that a perfect joy.

Me: nothing but a great past lost sinner, but who has been redeemed by His Beloved Son and made just by His Grace,

powerfully fortified by His Spirit in the inner man and filled to the fullness of God for this particular work.

 To God Alone all glory and honor!


Very often, I wrote without knowing where it was leading, by obedience to My Lord who was inviting me to write one or two specific thoughts, and then all was enlightened. On the other hand, whenever I quote someone else's idea, thought, or words, in this book, I have tried to add my sources so that you can refer to them. Sorry for the unfortunate omissions that could have happened. 


9)  A Dream on the Children Rapture 

(Continued from Chapter 5-1: A Specific Dream Was Given to Me).


For several years, I dream that I can fly and that my greatest desire (in this dream) is to show around me how easy it is. Strangely, 36 months before the end of my earthly life, I understand its spiritual significance.

It is necessary before the rapture to receive the personal testimony that one is pleasing to God. (See Chapter 19)

Abraham was called the friend of God, the most wonderful title one can receive, and Jesus once personally addressed to me this word: I no longer call you servants, because the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, because I have made known to you all that I have learned from my Father. John 15-15 This word "friend" was clear on the page of my Bible while everything else was unclear and unreadable.


The dream: One day questioning My Lord about the reality or not of the children rapture (because they do not seem to be born again - an indispensable condition according to Jesus to be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven: In truth, Truly, I say to you, unless a man is born of water and the Spirit, he can not enter into the kingdom of God, John 3-5), I had a dream one night in which I saw a beautiful little girl, about 2 years old, with blond hair and long curls, tenderly held in the arms of her black haired dad. A very well dressed man, I knew he was Turkish. Strangely, he approached a high cliff at the edge of the sea, when suddenly his little girl escaped his arms and made a vertiginous fall in the precipice. From a fast flight, I grabbed the child by the hair and gently returned to the dad to lay in his arms again the rescued child in-extremis. How many grateful he was towards me. So I moved away from him and saw after a few moments, once again the child escape from the tender arms of his father and fall again in the precipice. A second time I flew quickly into space and grabbed the girl by the hair before she crashed on the floor. A voice from heaven was heard then commanding me not to put her back in the arms of her father but rather to take her to heaven by telling me the reason for this rapture "for God alone takes a loving care." This Turkish father was upset. I woke up, the mind filled with this dream.

I knew that God alone really took care of children and that it was by love that He would take away the young children.

Jesus said: No one is able to snatch my sheeps out of my Father's hand. John 10-29 , Hosea 9-11/13      

(see Chapter 5 and Annex 9-2)


10) My destiny

- A woman from Samaria said to Jesus, "I know that the Messiah will tell us all things when he comes."

Faced with such a confession of faith, Jesus could only say to her: "I am, I who speaks to you."

He has for the first time told a woman who He was.

This woman then communicated her faith to these compatriots who also said:

"We know that He is truly the Savior of the world. (John 4-25 to 42)

It was the destiny of this Samaritan woman. And Jesus could only fulfill her destiny.


- Martha said to Jesus, I know that whatever You ask God, God will grant you. Jesus said to him, Your brother will be raised. Martha replied: I know that he will rise again ... Jesus said to him, I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me will live, even if he dies ... Didn't I tell you that, if you believe, you will see the Glory of God? ... Lazarus, come out!


- Solomon by the mouth of Ecclesiastes will say:

Ecclesiastes 7-28 This is what my soul is still seeking, and which I have not found. I found a man among a thousand; but I did not find a woman between them all.                  ...                 He who seeks finds!

It was his ardent desire, God will hear him at the end of his life and he will be confronted with Sulamithe, holy and unturnable away from her love for her beloved shepherd. She will be God's tool to bring Salomon back into GOD' Ways.  


- For my part, I once received the conviction that I had to write to my Muslim colleagues to explain to them what would happen soon: the Rapture of the Saints.

So, I thought He would tell us - would specify the date of the Rapture of the Saints according His Words: “Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run back and forth, and knowledge shall be increased… Daniel  for the words are shut up and sealed until the time of the end - Daniel 12-4&9".

So, I started writing and my Lord amazed me ...


One of my fathers in the faith once said to my couple : “In the end, the Lord will use you, in a special way!”


Today, I am convinced that this could not have happened if I had not written selflessly to these Muslim colleagues to enlighten them on Jesus Christ. If I had asked the Lord to reveal the date of the Rapture to me, it would really have been necessary for my prayer to be pure of all evil intent to obtain an answer. One step after another, this holy path has been illuminated to allow me to touch to lift the veil on The Logic of My Heavenly Father in this mysterious subject but unsealed as promised in these end times.


A superficial reading of this book will show only a series of plausible proposals of successive dates for the coming of the Heavenly Bridegroom Jesus, coming to seek His Beloved, in view of Divine Wedding.

This book is filled with human weakness and Glory that gets back to God Alone. (1 Treasure in a clay vessel)

Human weakness, because:

  • If Sulamith thought she had seen her Beloved appear many times, these night alarms were the Expression of her Perfect Love for her Beloved.
  • Similarly, for my part, I believed many times that the time was there and hastened to write, and thus mentions numerous dates throughout the book (written between 2016 and 2022), plausible dates mentioned, and listed to warn of the possible imminence of the Rapture of Saints.

A thorough reading of this book will reveal the path indicated by the Holy Spirit to discover the final object sought and the various successive stages linked together to reach it and marked by certain dates and particular facts which enlighten us of the impending Coming of the Celestial Husband.

Through the clues mentioned in The Holy Scriptures, in the prophetic life of men and women engendered by Zion,

God invites us to deduce the date of the Saints‘ Rapture.







Frédéric Godet writes in "The Person of Jesus Christ, The Son of Man, Baptism":

     Could we undertake a holy work without being:

  • enlightened from above on the task we have to fulfill,
  • endowed with the corresponding divine force, and
  • assured of the adoption of our person and of our work by God himself?

     The difference between Jesus and us in this regard is simply this:

  • Jesus was charged with the general task of the salvation of humanity, while
  • We each cooperate in this work only to a determined extent and in communion with Him,

and that consequently:

    • Jesus received the Spirit in its fullness, while
    • We all receive from the Holy Spirit only a special gift.


So here is,

Through this trilogy of books, the main one being an anticipation book based on the 2 previous ones:


The Life of Enoch - The Life of Noah - The Rapture of the Saints

Annex 7            -            Annex 14           -          The rest of the book

The particular Grace that was given to me for you ...                            Thank you Lord Jesus!

To understand what will happen to our generation, prophesied by Jesus,

we must understand what Enoch lived, and what happened in Noah's time.


If this book has interpellated you, thank you for sharing it with your acquaintances

who will be able to judge the value of its message only with the help of the Holy Spirit

(The Spirit of Strength, Love and Wisdom given by GOD to those who ask Him in faith).




I did not try to solve the enigma on my own, My Lord Jesus "took me by the hand", and

He opened my spirit so that I understood, until He said to me, on November 3, 2020 :

The time is fulfilled, the kingdom of God is at hand. Mark 1-15

Jesus looks at His Church globally and counts the maximum time,

Jesus is always expecting the last of his smallest children   (in the Pacific?).

He is the Good Shepherd He advances at the pace of the smallest and carries the weakest.

May 7 will end in the Pacific when it will be between 10 and 12 a.m. in London on May 8, 2020.

Acts 1-4 Jesus told them not to go far from Jerusalem, but to wait

what the Father had promised, what I told you, he said to them;

5 for John baptized with water, but you in a few days

You will be baptized with the Holy Ghost.

The disciples had to wait only 10 days.


Personal note: I am full of days, on October 16, 2022, I will have lived 10,762 days longer than My Lord:  12,120 days.

Born on 2/22/1960, I will have lived 62.64 years, 22,882 days.

But who am I to reveal this mystery to everyone? By what right to publish the secret of another One?

If God had not answered my specific prayers on this matter many times, and if He had not thus marked my destiny,

I might tremble for fear of being taken back, for this task which seems filled with pride a priori.

But My Beloved Lord has asked me to share with all ...

what I hastened to do, sometimes awkwardly, I admit.

But what joys have I found in this obedience, what elevations of the heart…

Thank you, My Lord and My God! I am to My Beloved and My Beloved is mine.


I understand better: John 21-25: Jesus did many other things; if we wrote in detail,

I don't think the world itself could contain the books that one would write.

Psalm 139-16: When I was just a shapeless mass, your eyes saw me.

The days for me were all written on your book before any of them existed.


No local church has allowed me to share this book. Could I have shared it in front of even 3 people?

It's not that I failed to send this book to everyone. More than 1,600 pastors [mostly French-speaking (90%) and some English-speaking] received it at the end of 2020.

Indeed how to give all the glory to God Alone, The Father - The Son Jesus - The Holy Spirit, I who follow from Adam, the sinner pardoned by The Sacrifice, as well as all my fathers in the faith. But beneath my false teeth… deep down inside I still very easily see tips of old Adam’s pride that persist. How could I share without His Almighty Help, how will I stand up and speak, if He does not invite me? Who is sufficient for these things will Paul say in 2 Corinthians 2-16?

To this day, He has only asked me to write. As John on the Isle of Patmos certainly only shared with a few people The Message transmitted by His Lord Jesus: The Revelation. As for John, My Lord set me apart for the past 2 years, forcing me to devote myself to listening to him on the subject of this work.

He has not yet asked me to preach this message. This message is stunning ... dazzling ... how would it be received?

I received encouragement among other humans (so few): "What a wonderful job from HOLY SPIRIT", but above all that of My Lord who once said to me: " My Friend "

The questions of some also allowed me to complete this book after I had received the precise answers from My Lord Jesus.

I can say that the day of my last dismissal (Chapter 76-8c) which could have been distressing was a great deliverance for me which I fully understood last night (02/14/2021) before My Lord.

Summoned on December 18, 2018 to leave my last employer because of my faith, My Lord set me apart therefore since December 19, 2018 to complete the book on the departure of The Bride of the Lamb (marked with the number 60 ); ie exactly 2 years, 2 months and 2 days before February 21-22, 2021. So my life begins and ends with these figures: 2 22, 1960 (my date of birth).

The revelations granted by My Lord throughout this book humbly enable me to understand that it was my destiny to write these few words about My Lord and His Bride. I am amazed to understand that when God wants to do something special on earth, he creates a man ...


I repeat: This book is filled with human weakness and A Glory which belongs to God Alone.

A treasure in an earthen vessel


I deliver it to all for the salvation of the greatest number after the Rapture, for it will be a testimony to the Glory of God who alone knows Everything and reveals it to those who humbly ask Him, for The Spirit probes everything, even the depths of God (1 Corinthians 2:10), and there is nothing hidden that shall not be discovered, nor secret that shall not be known Luke 12-2. Yes, His sheep hear His Voice and they follow Him - John 10-4


To only wise God, through Jesus Christ, be glory to the ages of the ages, Amen! Romans 16-27



God  bless  you,  good  meditation  and  good  preparation

For  your  departure  to  the  house  of   Heavenly Father.

Humble yourselves under God's Hand, repent, forgive all,

and believe in the forgiveness of your Savior,

Your   Beloved   and   Loving    Father,

through the Work of Jesus Your Lord.

Give to God alone all Glory.   Jude 25




little useless Servant                The book :

A great sinner pardoned by God!  John 1-12